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About us

Handcrafted, bespoke and unique Dichroic glass jewellery for the discerning individual.

I first came across Dichroic glass jewellery whilst on holiday in Australia. I fell in love with the beautiful, vibrant colours of the glass. I decided to learn how to create these wonderful pieces of jewellery and have now set up a small business with my creations.

You may be interested to know that Dichroic Glass was initially developed for the space industry. Dichroic Glass is manufactured by coating glass with a thin film of metal oxides such as magnesium, silicon and titanium. The process is carried out by vaporising the oxides inside a high temperature vacuum furnace, and these vapours then condense onto the glass. The resulting colours depend on the sequence of the many layers of coatings. The total thickness of the multi coatings is only between 3 to 5 millionths of an inch! It is a highly technical computerised manufacturing process.

The resulting Dichroic Glass is totally unlike normal coloured glass where light enters and part of the colour spectrum is absorbed, leaving that part not absorbed to be reflected. With Dichroic Glass all light entering is either transmitted or reflected ("Dichromatic" means "Two-Coloured"). These two sources have completely different colours and importantly the colours alter as your angle of view is changed. This results in fascinating and beautifully vibrant colours.

A superb material for handcrafting fascinating and totally unique pieces of jewellery.